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Let's get moving

You want to attract and retain healthy employees. We know how to get that done. Let our onsite, remote, and hybrid fitness solutions energize and unite your startup or scale-up.


Why invest in corporate fitness?

Employees who are healthy and fit tend to be more productive, stay on the job for longer, and miss work less often.

Employees who exercise regularly can get sick less often and can enjoy lower rates of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. They also report higher levels of energy.

Workers who aren't stressed out about their health are typically healthier overall. They're less likely to be absent from work or quit their jobs because of illness-related problems.

Workers who have higher levels of physical fitness are less likely to have work-related injuries. Companies with programs to promote physical fitness among their employees can also save money through reduced absenteeism.

Affordable programs for startups and scale-ups

On-site fitness

Custom fitness app

Fitness testing & monitoring

Personal fitness coaching


Your partner in driving a positive company culture and helping your organization attract and retain healthy, productive employees.