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Corporate Fitness for startups and scaleups

Designed for a hybrid workplace.


Fitness @ Work

You want to promote employee wellness, we can help. Let our onsite, remote, and hybrid corporate fitness solutions energize and unite your organization.


Why invest in corporate fitness?

Corporate fitness alone does not guarantee a healthy workplace, but it's a proven value-add.

Participating in healthy activities at work fosters good feelings, engages employees, and promotes a positive employer brand.

And the most important reason, the health and wellness of your employees.

Employees who exercise have better mental health with lower rates of depression, anxiety, and increased self confidence. They also report higher levels of energy and creativity.

All it takes is the right motivation, and up to 75% of you staff can be "movables", open to new healthier habits.

It's a win-win strategy across the board.

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Fitness programs for teams of 5-100 employees

On-site & live streaming classes

On-demand workouts via MFL App

Biometric & FMS testing

24/7 Messaging with expert fitness coach


Your partner in driving a positive company culture and helping your organization attract and retain healthy, productive employees.